About The Hector Foundation

The Hector Foundation was started by Mandy Fry and Sheila Amir in April of 2012 and quickly grew to be a successful (501c3) non-profit animal organization in the town of Casper Wyoming. It all started after a conversation regarding a dog named Hector who had been abused and dropped off at a local animal shelter. Hector had been thrown out of a moving vehicle on I-25 and was in desperate need of medical attention. Unfortunately the shelter to which he was taken to did not have the funding required to give him the medical attention he so desperately needed. Hector was adopted, treated by his owner, and now lives a happy life that includes ear rubs and lots of love. 

It was obvious, due to the situation Hector had endured, that our community needed a solution to help the financial needs of our local animal rescues and shelters. After a lot of planning and some local fundraising, the first event took place on June 15th, 2012 and was dubbed The Annual Paws for a Cause Dog Walk. Because of it’s success due to community involvement, The Hector Foundation is gearing up to host their 6th Annual Paws for a Cause dog walk in September. The participation of this dog walk has made it possible for The Hector Foundation to donate thousands of dollars to local animal rescues such as Pound Puppies Rescue, Temporary Home Rescue, Rescue Rangers, Tempest Critter Rescue, The Casper Humane Society, and many other Wyoming rescues. 

On top of the Paws for a Cause Dog Walk, The Hector Foundation has also raised money through The Ante Up For Pups Poker Tournament, The Pin Up for Pups 2014 Calendar, Thankful Thursday, many pet supply and food drives, and more. Thanks to the success of all these events and fundraisers they have been able to financially support the spaying and neutering of 100 Casper cats, set up prepaid veterinary accounts for our local rescues, purchase kennel doors for The Casper Humane Society, purchase supplies for local animal rescues, create a responsible pet ownership education campaign and more. 

In last six years the foundation has grown to be a board made up of Mandy Fry, Brian Williams, Rebekah Taylor, and Jessica Stull. They have goals set for 2017 to help more local rescues and shelters. All their efforts would not be possible without the help of monetary donations made by supporters like you. 

“This is our cause and the way we plan to help those with Paws.”